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This Cookie Policy page explains how MeGaDev and its subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as: the “Company” ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’, or MeGaDev) use cookies, what kind of data we collect, and why we collect such data.

MeGaDev takes great care of your privacy and allows browsing most of our web pages without asking you to share any personal information. However, we still need it to personalize your experience and course-correct our marketing activities to provide you with the best user experience.

Our Website: (hereinafter referred to as: the ‘Website’) and any other branded web pages, websites, or third-party platforms owned or managed by MeGaDev (hereinafter referred to as: MeGaDev Websites’), all function according to this Cookie Policy.

By navigating MeGaDev Websites, you accept the use of the cookies we collect. MeGaDev keeps the right to edit this Cookie Policy in part or in whole at any time. 

1. What are Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer or mobile device when you access websites on the internet. Cookies help Users navigate around our website and allow us to tailor the content of our site to fit the needs and preferences of Users. The cookies we use typically collect anonymous identifiers associated with your device, browser, referring site URLs, time or usage information, Website preferences and settings, etc. (as further provided in this Policy).

Cookies play an important role. Without them, using our website would be a slow, complicated and frustrating experience. Cookies are standard to all company websites. So while they cannot be eliminated, MeGaDev remains transparent about the purpose of cookies giving you the choice to consent to their use.

2. Why Does MeGaDev use Cookies and similar technologies

MeGaDev takes advantage of the information collected via cookies and similar technologies like web beacons (embedded bits of data into targeted emails or images to keep record of your actions on a web page or email body) to recognize you, improve page navigation, remember your preferences, and show you relevant content. It also helps us enhance email and advertising campaigns, and allows us to refine our marketing strategy.

3. What types of Cookies are used by MeGaDev?

MeGaDev makes use of various cookies including the following:

  • Strictly necessary cookies to ensure the information you access via MeGaDev Websites is properly browsed and all the MeGaDev Websites function properly.
  • Performance cookies to keep a record of the MeGaDev Website pages you visited and URLs that brought you to MeGaDev Websites.
  • Website session cookies to keep track of your actions during a browser session. The session starts the moment you access a MeGaDev Website and ends right after you exit the MeGaDev Website. When you close the browser, our session cookies are automatically deleted.
  • Targeting cookies to accumulate analytics about MeGaDev Websites usage as well as third-party cookies we get via social media channels or ads placed on third-party platforms.

4. What third-party cookies does MeGaDev collect?

Please also note that MeGaDev may enable third-party services to trace Performance and Targeting cookies for us to measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns and stay informed about your online activities on MeGaDev’s Websites. The third-party services may include but not be limited to Google AdWords, Google Analytics, etc., and may be subject to their Cookie policies, which are listed on their applicable websites.

5. Who can access the data collected by MeGaDev?

MeGaDev is the only holder of the data gathered. It is kept confidential and safe under the regulations described in our Privacy Policy page in the Security subsection.

6. What personal data do we gather?

For further information, please refer to our Privacy Policy page, in the Section relating to: Personal Data We Collect from You Privacy Policy.

7. How to block MeGaDev Websites’ cookies?

If you want to remove all the existing and future MeGaDev Websites cookies, you can do this at anytime by changing your browser settings. For more guidance, please go to

Please note: Blocking the cookies will negatively affect your experience and navigation on MeGaDev Websites. Unless you block cookies in your browser before accessing MeGaDev Websites, we will place cookies on your computer or devices once you visit MeGaDev Websites or click the links leading to them.

11. Contact information

Should you have any concerns about our Cookie Policy or would like us to remove the data shared, please get in touch with us either via the Website contact form or this email:

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